A response to “Some thoughts on beauty”

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about my previous post which touched on what people find “beautiful” in web design. It started me thinking more about the standards and values by which the web design community measures its work, and how easy it is to be a bit blinkered about it. continue reading

Some thoughts on beauty

Some time ago now I read a short review by Martin Belam of a presentation made at last year’s EuroIA conference. The presentation – On Beauty, given by Andrea Resmini and Eric Reiss – was described by Belam as “unbloggable”, but he gave a good description of their delivery of a visual essay on the nature of beauty and how information architects and web designers should address it. continue reading

On responsive web design

I recently got involved in a discussion on Twitter about responsive web design (RWD) and I thought I’d put some thoughts about it in writing. I recently redesigned this blog to be responsive (more about that in a future post) and it’s an exciting and fairly recent development in the world of the web. continue reading